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Escorts Redbridge

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Escorts Redbridge

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Ashlynn felt him enter the building like a full on collision. Every nerve ending on her body lit on fire, lust rolled down her spine setting her shivering. She was trapped between the desperate need to run and the instinct that told her to let him take her where she stood.”Escorts Redbridge” he growled and her knees shook, struggling to hold her upright. When she turned, those eyes called up images of thick verdant forest and a wolf chasing her breathlessly down. Her knees quaked and Marlene hurried to her rescue. “Emily, sweetheart. Are you alright?” Marlene asked, patting her head.”He came,” she offered, shaking as she looked up and caught the gaze of the barely controlled wolf staring her down as if he might leap the counter.Studying her for a long while, his eyes traced a face and frame he had dreamed of whenever he closed his eyes. Dreamed of the way her distinct curves rolled like the waves of her hair: wondering what she looked like bouncing. He dreamed of her dressed in red and pressed back against him without a second thought, her body poised and pleading for more than just his attention. Staring, he knew he wanted to study every inch of her in much closer detail, but he really could do without the audience. It took more self-control than he knew he had not to sling her over his shoulder and drag her out that door.”Excuse me, but I would very much like to speak with your waitress,” he said, tucking clenched fists into his leather jacket pockets, his thick roping shoulder muscles straining the fabric.”Emily?” Marlene asked the shell shocked girl, but Ashlynn was already rising to her feet.”Escorts Redbridge, I’m sorry, would you excuse me for a moment,” Ashlynn brushed the woman off, concern for her safety overwhelming her own weakness. As she traveled around the breakfast bar, the other five restaurant occupants stared as he followed her, watching for any signs she might run.

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Eyes lasered so hard to her back, Ashlynn could feel them like hands as she crossed her arms, refusing to turn, staring definitively at the brick wall of the alley. Even after the metal door sealed shut behind them, she stayed several firm steps away.Still, he soon had his hands pressed to bricks on either side of her shoulders, as she stared at the wall. The spiced scent of his hot breath on her neck, her own breath was coming and going much faster than was safe. She could see his arms quivering as he inhaled her scent. She had to admit, the cinnamon and pine spice of his scent had her just as captivated.”Mine,” he growled against her crook of her neck, sending goosebumps shuddering down her arms.”Escorts Redbridge” she offered, a hundred ludicrous thoughts rushing through her head. his body radiated heat, warmer then a heating blanket, but she was crossing her legs trying to fight her own. Cautiously she remained still, hesitant; she knew enough not to test his self-control.Calming his wolf, she bared and exposed her neck, making herself defenseless, as she whispered, “Blaise, we need to talk, I need you to find a smidgeon of self-control.””I would have some, if you would stop running and disappearing on me,” he spat, shoving her away from him and backing up, shoving his hands into his pockets again.Ashlynn turned back, staring down those rugged features. She could see the exhaustion attempting to hide under that fury and failing. Guilt ravaged her insides as she stared him down. “You don’t look good, love,” she whispered.”Whose fault do you think that is?” he growled back.”Hey now, I’m not the one who defines love by a willingness to sacrifice humanity for another. You told me you would wait for me to be ready, but you refused to listen when I told you I never would be. I almost died for you before I ever even knew your name, I don’t want to die for you now.” She shivered now in the chilly air, wrapping her arms around herself, as he took off his jacket and handed it to her. She stared at it for a long moment before reaching out and taking it, wrapping around her his warmth and scent.

Escorts Redbridge

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