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Escorts Richmond

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Escorts Richmond

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Leif woke up first, her thigh stuck to his leg. But strangely enough, despite how steadfastly he had avoided any wet spots when they were dating, he didn’t mind being covered in the mess with her right now. It was their mess, remnants of their passion and love.Five times in Escorts Richmond! He couldn’t help reaching under her thigh and gripping his sticky cock with pride! She made him feel like a real man, and after their first honeymoon day, he knew more than ever, that he hadn’t been living at all before he knew Lynne, not emotionally, or sexually. The decision to marry her would shape up to be the finest decision he’d ever made.He loved the smell of his Lynne. He smelled the crown of her hair, which had gotten wild in her sleep without her usual rollers, and her neck near her ear. He smelled the tart fruitiness of the aroma of her breath, and he felt his nature start to rise again. He was made for this woman, and addicted to her. He knew it when he wanted to kiss the woman before she even brushed. Hell he didn’t care. Just pheromones, the warmth of her body, and the smell of her skin.But first, he disentangled himself from her carefully, rolling her over onto her back to clean up his sticky dick and thighs with a warm washcloth. It was the first time he’d ever lay in his own spunk after sex, too high and exhausted on the love with her to care, but in the morning after glow, he wanted to clean up.He wanted her again, he felt his cock tingle when he covered up her perfect bush and stomach with the covers and kissed her little forehead, before going to the bathroom to brush his teeth.Even if he wanted a taste of her fruit tarty little morning breath, he didn’t want to offend her with his own yuck mouth.He cleaned off his cock with a cold, soapy cloth, willing the warm urges he felt building in his cock to pound deep in her belly to cool off. He was surprised that he wanted and needed to go at her so soon again, when less than five hours ago he had her wrists pinned to the bed.He pinned her wrists in part because she was such an anxious little kitten for a hard and deep fucking session when that earthquake had scared her. Her pussy kept coming around his cock, and he knew it was because she was high on adrenaline, and probably love hormones, the emotional comfort of being told, yes, everything would be okay, just reach out to, and grab her loving husband, and she could feel safe, something she never had before.And damn, had he felt like superman, delighting her with his cock, telling her to hold on tight while he held her, thrusted into her, calmed the world down around her. Fuck, that was what he’d wanted to do the night when he’d saved her from the mouse.After cleaning his cock with the cold soapy water to try to take the edge off of some of his arousal, he brushed his teeth, and splashed some water under his pits.He hoped she wouldn’t be too sore this morning. Leif wanted her again and would try to be gentle, even if she started to scratch, claw at him, and gyrate her hips like a horny, frustrated little kitten. Rough sex wasn’t new to him, but it was new to Lynne.

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She was delicate, and tender, and he imagined he’d need to lovingly break her in over time, so that she didn’t experience too much soreness. After all, someone had raped his baby before, and he didn’t want her to get an aversion to roughness. She used to be scared of cock, and he was glad she was delighting in it now.He wanted nothing to halt her sexual growth and progress.He returned to the bedroom to find Lynne yawning and stretching, and to his concern, rubbing her pussy like it was sore.She didn’t see him yet, so she was unaware that he saw her moving with a little pain.His heart sank.”Good morning sweetness. Sore huh? Was I too rough with you yesterday,” he asked in the doorway.He had soaped up a warm washcloth that he was going to use to clean her a bit while she rested. He’d hoped perhaps to wake her up early before the dawn really set in, perhaps seduce her into a little early morning fucking and maybe they could go for an early morning swim, then some breakfast.But now he just felt like a monster. His throat choked up and his eyes felt watery. Goddamn it his love for her was turning him into a pussy! He was not prepared for this all consuming ache for her physical and emotional wellbeing. Even as he fucked his young wife he learned more about love.”No. Not at all! Just feels like how it feels when you use a muscle a lot and need to stretch it. Just a little sore, and like it’s getting used to being worked. I kinda like it. I finally really feel like a grown woman Leify. Like a normal woman, who is not scared of sex at all! Plus It reminds me you were in me. I feel like I pleased my husband. I can’t wait to do it with you more Leify,” she added, and he could hear the warmth in her voice.She got a huge grin that showcased her chin dimple and stretched her legs and her back, flinging off the sheets and doing little to hide her sticky, curly little bush.His cock ached for her at the same time his heart ached with guilt.”You are a very normal woman darling, and I wanna keep it that way. Don’t want you to associate sex in Escorts Richmond with pain at all lovely. You’re all sticky with my come baby. Let me wash you,” he added sitting at the foot of the bed tenderly.He covered her belly in kisses.Damn it if she flinched when he washed her with the warm soapy water he would never forgive himself. His eyes watered.”Leify, are you crying baby? What’s wrong,” asked Lynne looking into his eyes with concern.”Nothing I just…I just never…I don’t know I didn’t love women I was fucking before. But I love you Lynney. I feel like a cream puff softie, but I never wanted to hurt your pussy. That last time, during the earthquake was too much. I held your wrists down in part to calm you down a bit. You moved like a wild little kitten,” he scolded, parting her knees so he could wash her.”It didn’t hurt while we were doing it Leif. God it felt so good, I came so many times around your cock, the spasms, Mmm, I didn’t know my pussy could do that, I’m addicted to you, I don’t care if I can’t sit for two weeks when this honeymoon is over,” she panted.And then she squirmed on the sheets with the memory. Lynne wasn’t distressed, but he was! He’d vowed to always protect her, and knew he wanted to from the moment she climbed in his lap when he saved her from the mouse.He gently brushed over her sandy colored curlies with the cloth, watching her reaction. She squirmed a little then started to move with pleasure. Under the guise of cleaning her he parted her pussy lips.She only looked a little tender, much to his relief, the way she squirmed when he wasn’t in the room he thought her pussy would look much worse! But Lynne was delicate, and he figured he’d slow down the pace a little bit and be more gentle. She’d get used to the aggression more in time, and she’d toughen up and get used to hard fucking. She already loved his passion for her, her muscles just had to get used to their new-found vigor.

Escorts Richmond

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