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Escorts Shepherd’s Bush

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Escorts Shepherd's Bush

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Leify are you examining me? What are you a doctor now,” she asked squeezing her legs together with embarrassment.”There is not a thing wrong with you letting your worried husband examine you a little bit. You’re gonna give me babies, I’ll see a hell of a lot more then, and already seen everything from every beautiful angle,” said Leif.Lynne got a wicked grin.”You need a white doctor’s coat if you want to play the doctor, patient shit! Maybe you should get my new toy out of the bathroom,” she leered huskily.”You are a dirty little wife in Escorts Shepherd’s Bush! God I love you sweet. You’d tell me if…well if your pussy got too sore right?” he murmured kissing her now clean pussy.”Of course! And what’s better is I know you are concerned, and you would care, and listen and change what you were doing until I felt better. I never knew I could trust like that with another person, my body,” she added sweetly.”Baby, that was just what I needed to hear. I mean, I know you’ve been raped before, and I didn’t want you…I don’t know I didn’t want you confused about what I was doing to you because you were sore this morning I…”His voice got choked up. He loved his young wife, never wanted to cause her pain.”How could I ever be confused? These are acts of love that we are enjoying, rough, dirty, delicious acts of love. We want each other so much we can’t control our bodies. That’s totally different than what was going on before. You aren’t abusing me. You are my loving husband. I’m really okay. Let me grow up some Leify. I don’t mind a tender pussy from good lovin’. I like being your big girl, your grown wifey,” said Lynne smiling at him.”You have grown up so much in the last six months Lynne, and I’m so proud of you sweetness, more than I ever dreamed,” he murmured.She was so beautiful, eyes still heavy with sleep, chin dimple jutted out, wearing nothing but that thin t-shirt, he couldn’t help himself, he pushed her back against the mattress hard, and kissed her, forcing his tongue deeply into her mouth.Her reaction made him chuckle, she tried to fight him off of her, as he expected, because she hadn’t brushed yet, but he held her arms down firmly again above her head, taking control of her mouth, loving the sweet, salty, earthiness of her kiss, nothing to hide, the essence of this incredible, intoxicating woman, with her beautiful spirit.Her eyes were open wide in shock looking at him and she tried to close her mouth.He still pinned her arms down with one hand, pulling her mouth open by her adorable chin dimple, pillaging her mouth again, feeling her nipples harden into luscious, hard pebbles against his chest.She finally broke away, chuckling deep in her belly.”Ewww, Leify, that’s gross, cut it out! I haven’t even brushed yet!” shouted Lynne with startled laughter.”Escorts Shepherd’s Bush, I don’t care. That’s the essence of you, how you really taste, I’m so sick in love with you, I like the smell of your breath in the morning, I don’t care, I’m a dirty dog for you, you should know that by now, I sniff your panties, can’t wait to put my nose in your butt, like the canine that I am, and I hope you still love me knowing that I don’t care if you’re a little sour. It’s like sweet tarts,” said Leif.”I am flattered, but you are disgusting Leif! I’m probably full of germs and everything!” said Lynne.”I’m disgusting? Not as filthy as you little cutie, you like for me to stick my tongue in your ass, the deeper I can get it, the better you like it, I think your little anus is filthier than a little tart morning breath, miss high and mighty. And I love the taste and smell of your ass and your mouth, so don’t criticize me for wanting all your flavors the way they are,” he added with a husky chuckle and a hard swat on her ass.

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Lynne blushed. He’d embarrassed her, and he hadn’t meant to pull her cards, but he wanted her to know that he enjoyed her, and wanted no secrets between them, the flavor of all of her, bare as she was.”Well thank you for at least brushing for me. I love to one up you in terms of love, but I’m not going to be doing morning breath kisses for you,” said Lynne.”I don’t want you to. I’d never subject you to my dragon breath. Your breath is cute, only a little stale. My breath on the other hand-“”Stale? Thanks a lot! Then why the fuck did you clobber me and kiss me, I feel embarrassed,” she murmured chuckling.”I didn’t mean it like that, I mean that, well damn I love you so much I don’t care if it’s a little tarty, your morning breath is like the taste of your breath after you brush with the paste only stronger. More of your flavor in the kiss, without all the toothpaste and shit. It gets me going. I know it’s nasty and weird, but just accept it anyway like I like to sniff your butt,” he added bashfully”I think it’s sweet. You’re such a natural guy, and I’m flattered that you’d want to kiss me when I do have dragon breath,” said Lynne with a laugh of Escorts Shepherd’s Bush.
You don’t have dragon breath in the morning. You really don’t. It’s more on the order of a lizard,” said Leif.Fuck you!” said Lynne giggling.Not a nasty lizard. Not a big huge lizard. I mean one of those cute little gecko lizards on the beach,” teased Leif.He was so head over heels in love with her, arguing about morning breath kisses, and he did want those sweet tarty kisses, and the smell of her skin, hair and pussy, early in the morning before her shower, he really knew what it meant to be addicted to someone now.Lynne giggled hysterically. She started snorting, and she couldn’t get ahold of herself. He’d never heard his baby laugh so hard before.Well I’m so glad to know that my morning breath is only rated to be as rank as a little island beach lizard, and not a big iguana, or a fucking dragon,” said Lynne still peeling with laughter.I waited until we were married to sneak a taste of your morning kiss. I was too embarrassed for you to know I was so sick in love for you I didn’t mind your morning breath. Don’t judge me beautiful,” murmured Leif.I’m not gonna judge you. I love the smell of your armpits in the morning, so I think I understand. I’m flattered that you love me so much Leify. I love you too,” said Lynne.Lynne stretched and kissed him in the crown of his dreadlocks.Let me umm…I wanna draw a hot bath for you. It’ll probably soothe your pussy a bit more. Then maybe we can grab some breakfast. I’m sure you are hungry lovely. After our breakfast, maybe go for a swim,” he added kissing her forehead.Yes, that sounds fun!” said Lynne.Okay, wait right here and I’ll get your bath all ready for you,” said Leif lovingly.Lynne went to her suitcase and took out her Journal. She’d brought it with her to write in the mornings, when she had some time to reflect, but she needed to write something to that beautiful man of hers.He needed to know, how thankful she was for him, how much she was enjoying her honeymoon with him so far, and how grateful she was that he’d gently given her a way to spread her wings and soar close to his own heart, and learn about grown up emotions, sex, and love.She didn’t want her husband thinking for a second that she was upset that she was slightly sore, or that she would grow an aversion to sex like she had before.

Escorts Shepherd’s Bush

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