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Escorts South Ealing

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Escorts South Ealing

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My fiancee and I were excited to be taking the next stage of our lives together. And that meant finding out a house. We had been searching for a long time but unfortunately nothing was available. And then one day, a dream posting popped up. A guest house in a wonderful neighborhood. How could we resist?Melissa got out of the car and shielded her eyes as she looked at the house. I couldn’t help feel so lucky, admiring her body. Her mocha skin, her thick thighs, her bubble butt in those short white shorts. Her adorable smile. Soft lips. Nerdy glasses. Black curling hair. As we walked up to the stairs of the house, I kept glancing slyly over at her bum, thinking about what new things we could try tonight.We knocked on the door. An older man, thin with peppery hair, answered. He looked down at us and smiled.”Oh you must be the young couple interested in the guest house,” he said. He held out his hand and offered his name. I shook his hand and introduced myself.”Hello, sir, my name is Mark. This is my fiancee Melissa.”Escorts South Ealing “It’s very nice to meet you, Melissa,” he grinned and took her hand. Instead of shaking it, he leaned down and kissed her hand. Melissa’s cheeks grew a bit rosy. I felt burning behind my ears but thought nothing of it.He showed us around the estate, at the guest house in the back yard that was a nice and cozy den with one bedroom, one bathroom. Only the south living room window was facing away from the main house.It was incredible. We couldn’t imagine our luck. And at that price. After going on the brief tour, we sat in the backyard and he handed us background check papers. Melissa glanced at me and this was the moment that I was dreading. I explained that we did not have the best collective credit, but he patted me on the knee and said that would not be a problem. He and his wife are very understanding.

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A few days later, we got a call and Alfie said if we were still interested, we could move in. We were ecstatic. We boxed up all of our stuff and drove over to our new home. I was distracted on the drive over because Melissa had opted to wear her black leggings and a white tank top. I kept staring at my fiancee’s legs, wanting to touch them. I told myself that the second we get all the boxes in, we would rush into the bedroom and I would peel those off.When we arrived at the house, Alfie greeted us, wearing a Hawaiin shirt, shorts and sunglasses. He shook my hand and gave Melissa a hug. There was nothing wrong with it but I still got a little jealous. Escorts South Ealing. Alfie said he would open up the side gate for us so it would be easier for us to carry in our boxes.We took some of our boxes and walked as Alfie lead us to the side entrance, opening the gate. He let us pass by him. I looked up and watched Melissa’s ass jiggle with each step. I could barely handle it. But then I felt something to my right and realized that Aflie was walking right next to me, with Melissa in front of us. With his sunglasses on, I couldn’t tell if he was staring at Melissa as well. The thought started to drive me insane. What was he thinking? Why was I so concerned?Once we got to the house, Alfie pulled his sunglasses up over his head so I could finally see his eyes. Realized I had just been paranoid, and probably too worked up, I made small talk. I asked him about the neighborhood, how long he had lived here. And Alfie responded, except, after a little while, he seemed distracted. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that Melissa was perched over a box, crouching, showing off her incredible flexibility. But also, with her head down, looking into the box, her tank top was drooping and showing both of us her light blue bra.

Escorts South Ealing

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