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Escorts Stansted

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Escorts Stansted

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Escorts Stansted giggled and exchanged silly glances as they processed the question. Their heads were beginning to get a little swimmy and warmth was fully coursing through their bodies. Rebecca rolled her eyes and Rachel nodded enthusiastically.With another excited giggle, both girls slowly got on their knees next to each other. Rachel shifted her weight and tucked a strand of her sandy-blonde hair behind her ear. Rebecca bit down seductively on her full, enticing lips and took a deep breath. Oh they were ready, all right.They looked up at the boys in front of them and surveyed their excited smiles. The guys seemed tall from their vantage point and they were both clearly enjoying how things had progressed. Rachel looked at the boy in front of her and let her eyes flick below his waist. Her stomach fluttered and she looked away before he caught her. Not that it mattered, really. She giggled again and nudged Rebecca on the arm to indicate that it was time.Each taking a final deep breath, the girls rose up more fully and shivered with excitement as they leaned in and brought their mouths to the targets. They shot sideways glances at each other a final time before turning back forward and parting their lips.They squealed with surprise and delight as a cold, sweet shot of something red ran down the paths of the ice luge and into their open mouths. They swallowed quickly and Rebecca let out a triumphant yell. They popped up off their knees and gave each other a congratulatory hug. The boys clapped and cheered along.It was a Friday night late in the fall, and when it had begun, nothing about it had indicated that it might be anything more than a typical evening out. Earlier in the week, Rachel and Rebecca had been shopping at the mall when they met a few college guys from the local state university. The boys flirted with them and soon the group exchanged numbers.It hadn’t taken long for the guys to reach out again, and in just a few days, the girls found themselves agreeing to go to a party with their new friends. They had met up at their dorm room for some pre-gaming, and in short order, both girls had gotten pretty drunk.They had done a few shots and even agreed to test out the ice luge mold that one of the boys had bought and frozen for the evening. Their most recent round had been one of many and each time the girls did it, both guys felt their pants tighten a bit as they took in the scene. The image of two smoking hot, drunk, high school seniors on their knees with their mouths open left little to the imagination.It was around that time that Rachel found herself hugged up against one of the boys. She teasingly pushed her hand into his chest and, asked, with a bit of slur, when they would be leaving for the party. The guy she was touching was definitely the cuter of the two boys and she and Rebecca had been playfully arguing ahead of time about (if it came to it) who would get whom.They couldn’t come to an agreement so as soon as they had shown up, Escorts Stansted had located their target and given him a big hug. She had pushed her chest deeply into him and lingered for a few moments, allowing him to enjoy the sensation. She’d seen his eyes get wide at the sensation and she’d known she had him.Of course, Rebecca wouldn’t be beaten so easily and she found herself bending over in front of him, giving him a front row view of her perfect, full ass. It stretched impossibly in her tight jeans, and while she knew Rachel was throwing her tits around with abandon, Rebecca was confident that her own ammo could be every bit as convincing. Both girls were having a blast and were sure that the guy in question was enjoying the competition.

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Of course, they weren’t being snotty. They didn’t ignore the “Escorts Stansted” of the two roommates entirely either. Rachel had sat on his lap playfully, giving him a nice view of her tight t-shirt. And he was cute, too. If she got drunk enough, she was sure he could talk his way into getting get his dick in her mouth. Rebecca, too. They were there after all. With little disillusions as to why these boys had so actively pursued them. They had figured if the guys turned out to be losers, that they could find their own fun at the party. But this party had begun to seem like it wasn’t necessarily in the plans…”Oh, yeah, the party. Of course we’re going. It just won’t really start popping until later. Don’t wanna be lame and be the first ones there, right?”Rachel cocked her head playfully in response. She wasn’t sure if she believed him and she was starting to suspect the boys expected a private party right there. But she did agree. She had no desire to stand in some dirty frat house and be hounded by twenty horny guys before anyone else showed up. She was fine where she was.Rebecca was playfully picking up pictures off of the other boy’s desk and asking him about them. Who’s that? Is that your girlfriend? Haha, you have one don’t you? Your sister? Yeah, I’ve heard that one before…She teasingly touched his nose. She, too, would be content to hook up with this one if Rachel successfully muscled her out with the other boy. Rebecca did glance occasionally over at the two of them, wondering how it was going. If there was an opening, she’d definitely step back in.”Who wants to bong a beer?”The boy standing with Rachel shouted the question with an enthusiastic grin. The other guy’s hand shot up.”You know I’m game. I bet these girls are down as well!”The girls exchanged smiles and rolled their eyes. Rachel eyed her new friend with smiling suspicion. She spoke again with a slight lisp.”We are starting to think that you boys are just trying to get us drunk and take advantage of us.” She winked and watched as he cracked open a beer and began to pour it into a red funnel with a tube sticking from it. She crinkled her face as she continued.And what makes you think I’d agree to put that thing in my mouth?” She grinned seductively. The guy coughed slightly at her innuendo and Rebecca snorted loudly into her cup and spoke up from across the room.”Uh, yeah, those lips have been around way worse things.”The boys both coughed again in aroused surprise, their pulses jumping. Rachel spun around and shot her friend a look of mock outrage.”Bitch!” she called out laughing. “I think everyone here can tell which one our lips looks like they were made specifically for sucking on a — she paused and raised an eyebrow — beer bong!”The second boy almost choked on his beer as Rebecca spun to face him with a shocked smile. Everyone laughed as the sexual tension hung heavily in the air.The first guy cleared his throat to make sure his voice wouldn’t crack. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. They had picked these girls up because they were gorgeous and they figured they could loosen them up with a few drink and maybe get some. But it was no guarantee. They were in high school, after all. He spoke again cheerfully.

Escorts Stansted

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