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Escorts Stratford

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Escorts Stratford

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We, my lover and I, never made any commitments. The exotic man did not wait for me. I wasn’t obligated to be faithful. Neither was he of course but I had to adjust to the face the fantasy was over. I wouldn’t see him again.Him. The man who enchanted me, then filled my dreams with faded echoes of the most erotic days of my life. I refused to even think his name!It wasn’t worth chasing after any other men when they couldn’t finish the job. Andrew proved a perfect example. The young man was a distraction but not a satisfaction. He only made the itching need more acute. He underscored how much I longed for my missing lover.I turned on the shower and slid my hands to my breasts, feeling where young Andrew’s teeth pressed into my skin. It felt deliciously bruised and sent an ache mixing with the pleasure as I pinched the nipple. My pussy squeezed, and more of his cum trickled down my thigh. Thank God I was on the pill! Bad enough that I had been stupid enough to let him just fuck me raw like that. Desperate. Escorts Stratford.I thought about my fantasy-lover and shivered, remembering how he slowly caressed his tongue down between my breasts before sliding his long, curved cock along the valley of plush tits. One of his strong hands cupped my cheek while I pressed my breasts together creating a cleft for his manhood to slip between. I loved how swollen and arched his cock was, the head larger than the base and while not thick, he was so long and angled, it hit the perfect spot inside me as though he were crafted for me.’Your skin is softer than anything I have ever felt my Pearl.’ He rumbled, his voice vibrating up my sternum and into my heart as he fucked my tits. His thumb brushed along my jaw and the corner of my mouth as his lilac eyes burned into mine, devouring me in that gaze. ‘I love your perfect flesh, and the pretty freckles here…’ He bowed forward the kiss caressing warmly over the tops of my shoulders and up my neck, gracefully bowing his lithe body, ab muscles flexing as he curved down to me. ‘Everything about you is perfect, like your tight, rosy nipples.’ His tongue coiled out, licking the bud of my nipple slow and gentle. He never moved his gaze from mine, smiling in delight as I shuddered in pleasure. ‘I’m going to fuck you until you can think of nothing and no one but me. I will consume you as you have consumed me.’

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And he did. First, he finished fucking my tits, sweetly telling me how much he liked them and me while his voice grew strained with each stroke. Faster he moved, his handsome body flexing and rising over me where he straddled my breasts. Candlelight flickered off his bronzed body, his golden hair falling down his shoulders and back like a savage, untamed beast. The golden curls of hair on his chest made him glint and gleam in the twinkling light.He growled out my name over and over as his strong hips pumped and shoved his cock between my breasts. Each time he pushed forward, I got to lap the slit of his cock. The sugar-heat coated my tongue and his eyes rolled back in absolute pleasure, his thumb grasping my lower lip to pinch and he snarled dark and dirty oaths! ‘Escorts Stratford, you like to suck the cum from my dick don’t you? Hungry my slutty darling? Let me hear how hungry.’ He squeezed my lower lip until I cried out and begged him. ‘How much do you want it Pearl?’ He urged me, eyes burning into mine, fierce in the light of the candles. I whimpered that I’d die without it. I would do anything for his cum on my tongue.’Hold out your tongue then sweet Pearl. Aaughh. You’re so beautiful my treasure. Wider. I have so much to feed you!’ His voice broke and I felt his balls tightening with his load of cum. ‘Tongue—out—fuck! Fuck! Rose! My Pearl. My Rose! Mine!’His hips flew faster, the wet slap of his body against mine filling the room as he roared out his pleasure. His body arched forward, cockhead swelling as it arched glorious and beautiful and the hot cum sprayed my tongue. The spun-sugar-spunk gushed over my swollen lips and bridge of my nose, my cheeks and forehead.Again and again his cum drenched my face and lips, my breasts and nipples. He groaned and at last, eased up to offer his quivering cock to my lips and mouth. He shuddered as he watched me, amazement on his expression as he panted for breath, mesmerized by the way I suckled him clean and dry. He was intoxicating! Not only the way he tasted, burning over my tongue but the sounds he made, as though I were the only one who he’d allow to take such liberties.As I sucked him, he massaged his cum into my breasts and over my nipples. The caress of his thick fingers along my jaw and cheek tender in contrast to the hard fucking he gave my tits.Then, he slid down my body and kissed me warmly, not caring that I was soaked in his cum. Still hard, he slid the curved cock down my soft belly and across the swollen folds of my pussy, rolling the massive head against my too sensitive clit and between my eager lips. Escorts Stratford, he eased into my sopping wet pussy and fucked me so slowly. There was no rushing no matter how I begged. I was soon shuddering in orgasm after orgasm around him.

Escorts Stratford

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