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Escorts Thames

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There is was. The name I’d been avoiding. I felt the warmth flutter up into my cheeks at the question. “I don’t know. Gone.” I thought about how much time we spent here enjoying drinks and—making out in dark corners while Max and Lilly pretended not to notice. Or played along. I couldn’t hold Max’s gaze and sipped the Abita, Turbodog. The taste of the wonderful beer accented how much I’d missed this.”Gone.” Max echoed. It sounded less like a question than filled with skepticism. He saw my expression and his features sagged. “No shit?” He poured me another whiskey and rubbed his jaw, watching me. “Ugh, you know, you and Dio getting so hot and heavy is what got Lilly and I together. Um—” Escorts Thames “She’s not going to like me telling you her big news but—shit. GodDamn Rose. That boy was hot for you. You were hot for him right?”I tried not to laugh aloud at his question and shrugged, trying to play it off cool, “We had a summer fling.” I explained to him while rolling my shoulders around. It was harder to just brush this off when others witnessed the influence he had over me. “No big deal. If he wanted to be here with me, he would. Right?”Max watched me toss back the next shot and cleared his throat, “Did you bring him back to Cali with you and he ran off with some Hollywood bimbo?””No Max. I’m as far from Hollywood as we are to Atlanta here. Besides, I didn’t bring him with me.” I pushed the empty shot glass towards him, “Have yourself a drink.” I told him. Perhaps coming here was the wrong move. I didn’t want to start crying in my beer like some desperate old woman.Max didn’t take the hint, or perhaps he wasn’t ready to start drinking for the afternoon. His grey eyes went distant as he shook his head. “So, you didn’t take him with you but he didn’t come back here after you left. Guess that’s what we get for assuming.” He glanced towards Lilly and shook his head at me, “Well, that’s going to really twist her panties. We were just talking the other day about what sort of wedding you two would be having.”I sputtered into my beer and blinked up at him. Max laughed and flicked napkins at me, his smile very white and broad.”We didn’t ever even speak the ‘L’ word.” I told him as he used the napkin to dab at the beer that speckled the swells of my ample breasts.

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I blinked a few times feeling heat rush to my cheeks with that uncomfortable mixture of embarrassment and shame. “I tried to call him but the number he gave me was disconnected.” I blurted, flustered at this whole idea others saw my summer fling as something much more. “I think you’re mistaken about what you saw. If he was so into me, why didn’t he call?”Lilly slid up at my side and placed a plate with the softshell crab po’boy and fried zucchini with a big smile. “So, where’s Dio-boy-toy? Parking the car? He better get his tight ass in here so I can share the news with both of you.””Lil'” Max said and it was the warning in his tone that made Lilly freeze and look at him and then at me as her mouth fell open in a jolt of understanding.”Oh no.” She breathed and motioned for Max to fill the shot glass again for me. “Alright, now you have to tell me everything. C’mon—” Escorts Thames “We’re practically sisters seeing that I’ve seen more of your pussy than any other girl I know—sure, it was a huge turn on at the time, but—well, yeah, you and that boy were hot and heavy. You have some serious explaining to do.””Me?!” I croaked and frowned but Lilly fixed me with serious black eyes and her full lips pursed as she waited for answers. Being called out on how much and how frequently I flashed her and others made me flush several degrees hotter. I had been brazen and not myself at all.”We practically had a foursome.” Max reminded me as he pushed the glass over closer. “And you kissing Lilly? Well, probably the high point of my life. So far. If you two want to kiss again? I’ll be right over here. Just let me get my phone out first. Need a Goddamn picture of that.”Lilly reached over and swatted his arm but then threw her arm around me with a smile. I tapped the shot glass to the bar and threw it back, letting the burn sink into my bones as I leaned into the lovely waitress. I told them what happened. At least I explained how he had not wanted me to leave and that he’d given me contact that didn’t pan out and how he never contacted me. Escorts Thames, “So, I’m here on vacation, thinking I might find him.” It made my heart twist to speak it aloud but they understood.”I notice you’ve not even said his name once in that little story. ‘Mister Mystery man’? Bullshit. You don’t have to be ashamed to say you liked Diondre.” Lilly said and fanned her face with a hand before winking to Max. “I think even Max had the hots for Dio.”

Escorts Thames

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