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Escorts Vauxhall

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Escorts Vauxhall

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The award show had long since finished and the crowds had disappeared to their respective cars that would take them back to their hotels all over the downtown metropolitan area of Los Angeles and as Kristen Stewart sat back in her chair in the back of the limo, the actress closed her eyes and conjured a mental image of Jennifer Lawrence and just how the sexy woman had looked before they had parted ways with another, long hug. Licking her lips, the brown haired woman threaded a hand through her hair and then her dirty mind started to wander ever so slightly. There was no denying that Jennifer Lawrence was one of the hottest things in Hollywood now and not just in box office returns. Her body was definitely desirable and Kristen was sure that there wasn’t a single person inside of the award ceremony that wouldn’t want to share positions with Jennifer and Kristen could definitely come up with a few of her own. Running a thumb over her bottom lip, the brunette breathed softly before opening the window to the car ever so slightly. Why was it so hot now?Jennifer’s car ride back was just as uneventful as Kristen’s, though the tequila that had been flowing through her veins had started to decrease as well and her own limo’s insides wasn’t spinning nearly as fast as it had been when she had first stepped in. The young actress was happy however, she was glad that Kristen didn’t hate her guts like she had feared and the fact that the brunette was more than happy to share drinks and some of her precious free time with her also made Jennifer smile. Relaxing and looking out the window of her car, Jennifer wondered just where the night would go to Escorts Vauxhall.The walk up to her room was long and boring for Kristen Stewart, she stepped through the door and inspected the insides of her room. For what it was, it certainly did the trick. A bed, a small two seater couch and an armchair sat close to the large, widescreen TV that hung off of the wall. Kristen’s room didn’t have a balcony like Jennifer’s did, but truthfully, the actress didn’t need it. She only needed an open window for the substance that was only legal in a few states at the time of writing. Walking inside of the room, Kristen tossed her phone and purse onto the bed and looked out of the window, her eyes drifting over the skyline before moving down to look at the bag that was resting on the chair. Her tongue escaped and ran over her lips before she moved over to it and unzipped it. Her small hands then fished out several adult items. A small bright blue vibrator, a massive red double ended dildo and then a final purple fake cock that was attached to a set of leather straps that gave it the impression of underwear. Looking the toys over, she started to think back on Jennifer and just how she might look or sound with Kristen using them on her… Would she even be interested in that?

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The knock on the door quickly snapped Kristen out of the dirty and impure thoughts, the actress quickly stuffed the toys back in the top of her bag. Her phone sat on top of it and Kristen moved to answer the door, not needing to check the peephole as she knew exactly who was on the other side of the door. Opening it, Kristen beamed at the sight of Jennifer who seemed equally as happy to see her new friend. Inviting her in, Kristen closed the door behind her, her eyes drinking in the sight of Jennifer’s rear as it swayed to the left and to the right gently. The two girls fell back into their usual discussions of anything and nothing at the same time.Ten or so minutes had passed and Kristen had been really enjoying it when she felt her hair was out of place. Making her excuses, she disappeared to the bathroom and left Jennifer by herself in the room. Folding her hands on her lap, she looked around before hearing a phone go off. Checking hers, she then spotted Kristen’s phone flashing to life.”Kristen? Your phone’s going off.”Escorts Vauxhall“Can you see who it is? Probably won’t be anything important.””Sure.” Jennifer got up and walked over to the bag, bending at her waist to inspect the caller ID screen. “It’s your mom.””Ha! Probably just something to do with my cat. Ignore it.”Escorts Vauxhall“Got it.” Jennifer was ready to go back to the chair when she spotted something bright in her bag. Looking over her shoulder, Jennifer bit down on her bottom lip before going back to the bag. Slowly tugging the zipper to ensure that she didn’t disturb or alert her new friend, Jennifer reached in and found the large double ended dildo that was waiting for her. Lifting it up to inspect it, Jennifer didn’t even hear the door to the bathroom swing open.Kristen saw Jennifer looking at one of her toys and the brunette smiled at the sight before closing the door with a sharp tug. Jennifer jumped out of her skin, but Kristen was already across the room and behind the Oscar winning actress. Quickly adapting to the role of seducer, Kristen’s breath tickled Jennifer’s neck as she whispered to her.”Like what you see?””Kristen! I-“”Shhhh sh sh sh. Did you like it?””I… I’ve never seen one so big before.Kristen smiled, threading her fingers through Jennifer’s blonde hair before speaking again. “Do you want to play with it Jennifer?” When she didn’t answer, Kristen pressed her lips against her neck and repeated her question. “Do you want to play with it Jennifer?”

Escorts Vauxhall

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