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Escorts Wandsworth

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Escorts Wandsworth

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Smiling politely at the conversation, Kristen Stewart threaded a hand through her short, yet styled hair and cast her glance over the throngs of people who were crowded on the floor of the award show she had been invited to. After the Twilight movies and then the Snow White movie that unfortunately suffered from Kristen’s personal life and making a slightly poor choice in bedding the married director. Since then, Kristen had had a set of hits on the indy circuit and her manager had suggested she stay there so she could continue to build her resumé and not be stuck as ‘that chick from those shitty Twilight movies’ which is exactly what Kristen didn’t want to be. Looking over at a petite blonde who was parting the crowd as if she was a hot knife and the crowd was a cool stick of butter.Jennifer Lawrence had left her small golden award with her agent who was busy fussing over her with a selection of the world’s press. Kissing the woman on the cheek, Jennifer turned her back to the cameras and walked over towards where the party was. Jennifer’s baby blue eyes moved over the crowd of people before almost jumping out of her skin at the sight of Kristen Stewart. The young, amazingly talented women moved forward and cut a path towards the brunette star who had, essentially paved the way for the Hunger Games to come to the big screen. No matter what her fans said, the blonde actress felt like she owed Kristen something.Of course, with two actresses in similar genres came all sorts of tabloid nonsense and the current leading story was that Jennifer hated Kristen’s guts for Kristen going after Jennifer’s last boyfriend. Jennifer had to get this sorted before anything else got spun out of control and she could lose a possible friend in the Hollywood scene who wouldn’t just be interested in riding her coattails or just getting a cheap pay cheque from her. Moving to her, Jennifer took Kristen’s hands in hers and gushed.”Oh my God Kristen! I’m so sorry! I don’t want you to think we’re feuding!”Kristen was quiet for a moment, squeezing Jennifer’s hands gently before speaking again.”Escorts Wandsworth“The two actresses were both silent before looking at each other and bursting into fits of laughter. What had been a friendly, if slightly forward embrace, turned into a full-blown embrace, their arms had linked around each other and their foreheads were resting in the napes of one another’s necks. The laughing subsided eventually and the two looked at each other wiping away a few errant tears that trickled out of their eyes.

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Escorts Wandsworth” Jennifer explained, the two walking through to the small cocktail bar at the side of the award show floor. There were a selection of tables that littered the floor and while there was typically enough room for a man or woman to move freely. Now that the show was over however, the walkways had actually become a gangway of people trying to improve their own status. Kristen and Jennifer moved over to the bar and took a seat. Jennifer looked over at Kristen, almost too eagerly awaiting her response.Kristen grinned and playfully rolled her eyes. “Welcome to the world where everything you say gets turned into something it’s not!” Waving a hand at the bartender, Kristen ordered two glasses of tequila for her and her new friend. Kristen rearranged herself on the seat and stole an occasional glance at the woman. Jennifer’s dress was a nice, seductive creamy white one that was tight in all the right places and showed off the Oscar winner’s body very, very well. Kristen was in something similar though she wasn’t wearing a block colour as Jennifer was, hers was more of a pattern with floral leaves that were stuck to the outfit. Her figure was nowhere near as full as Jennifer’s was but Kristen thought she filled it out well. The two women shared a playful clink of the glasses before they each swallowed the drink whole. Wincing and recoiling at the bitter, yet very enjoyable taste, the two girls began a very long and very interesting conversation with one another.Four different glasses that had once been full of Tequila were laid out in front of the two women and the hug from earlier had arrived again, this time more to keep one another up and making sure that they wouldn’t fall down. The two women found out that they were in fact residing in the same hotel in the fancy part of Los Angeles and were simply a few rooms apart from one another. Kristen ordered them two glasses of water before Jennifer spoke.”It’s so fricking dumb that we’re so close to each other and we’re not hanging out.””Right?” Kristen said, lifting the glass to her forehead to cool herself down before taking a deep sip of it. “You should come to my room so we can hang out some more. I’m not flying tomorrow so I can get as drunk as I want and do whatever I want too.” It wasn’t until a few seconds later that she realised what she had said. Jennifer didn’t seem to mind though and she nodded her head enthusiastically before bringing up a finger as if to slow herself down and took a deep gulp of the water her new brown haired friend had brought for her.”Deal!” Jennifer said, slapping her hands on the bar as if to confirm their plans. “I’ll get my driver and we’ll go back to your place and get fucked some more!”

Escorts Wandsworth

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