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He nodded; “Okay Heather, but I don’t have much time, I have to review today’s topics and I don’t want to go out there and look like a fool.” He ushered her into his father’s office and she closed the door behind her. He looked her up and down and thought it was strange seeing she was in a completely closed trench coat. “Escorts Wapping“She licked her full red lips and stared at him with those huge blue eyes. “I’ll just come right out and say it, I was up in the control room yesterday and saw everything you, Clayton and Ainsley did!”He sat back and didn’t know what to say; “Ooooookay and you’re telling me this why?”I have to tell you, I work every morning with Ainsley. First let me say I’m very into men, but I sort of have a crush on Ainsley. I know where the three of you are going after the show.”Peter nodded and once again looked her up and down; “Annnnd?”She hemmed and hawed before blurting it out; “I want in, I want to join the three of you in that hotel room. I want to be up close and personal with Ainsley and I wouldn’t mind a little of what you and Clayton have to share with Ainsley either. There I said it, what do you say?”Peter was shocked and intrigued. He took a deep breath and chose his words carefully, not wanting Heather running to the HR department. “Well Heather, that is way out of left field. I find you very candid in what you want. I’m very honored that you’d like me to; to put it bluntly, fuck you! I would love to see you in that light and I’d be crazy not to want to see you and Ainsley together. My god that sight would really turn me on to no end!”She smiled and began to giggle; “Oh Peter, I hoped that would be your reaction, but why do I expect a but coming!”He nodded; “There is Heather, how the hell do you expect Clayton and me to convince Ainsley to go along with this? As you saw yesterday, although it sort of got out of hand, we’re doing this for one main reason, to inseminate her!””I thought about that Peter, how about after the three of you get going, you playfully tie her up and blindfold her. You text me and I’ll be waiting in the lobby. I’ll come up and get friendly with her and after she’s completely turned on, we let her know what’s going on.”

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Peter rushed through the topics for today’s show and hurried out to find Clayton. He told him everything Heather had just told him and proposed.Clayton in a very low voice said; “I’ll mull it over and we can talk about it during the breaks.” He walked away shaking his head as he ran through their options. He came up with a solution, but wanted to run it by Peter before bringing it up.Both Peter and Clayton forgot all about their dilemma when they saw Ainsley walk out onto the set. They were both speechless; they couldn’t tear their eyes from the gorgeous blonde. Peter had to suck on his spit; he was beginning to drool when he saw how beautiful she looked.When Ainsley saw their reaction, she turned a bright shade of red and started to giggle; “Okay, okay guys, please control yourselves. So I take it you like my look today?”Peter let out a whoop; “Oh fuck Ainsley, can we all suddenly come down with stomach flu and head to the hotel right now?”Again Ainsley began giggling; “Escorts Wapping, we don’t want to have everyone know what’s going on.”Clayton came over to Ainsley and taking her hands in his, he leaned in and planted a gentle kiss on her cheek; “I hope you rested last night, because you’re going to need all the strength you can muster up later today!”Escorts Wapping “Oh my Clayton, remember the main reason we’re doing this, okay?”He let out a chuckle; “Yeah sure Ainsley and you are made up and dressed the way you are so you can get pregnant huh? Sure tell me more sweetheart!” He slapped her playfully on her tight ass and he moved to the curvy couch.Before she could reply they were signaled to begin. Ainsley read a Fox News Alert and all three of them settled down and did a professional job.During the first break, while Ainsley was over talking with a news contributor about the next segment, Clayton went over to Peter. “I think I have a solution, the way Ainsley has trusted us and put her feelings and her body in our hands, I don’t think we can deceive her. I just can’t see tying her up and blindfolding her, that just wouldn’t be right.”Peter nodded; “So what do you propose? Heather was very adamant she wasn’t going to let this go.””I understand, I think we should pull Ainsley over during the next computer commercial break, it will be long enough to tell her and we can come up with a solution. I think we should go with Heather’s idea, but with Ainsley knowing what’s happening. This way we can keep Ainsley’s trust and not alienate Heather.”

Escorts Wapping

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