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Escorts Wembley

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He couldn’t believe it. Had this bullshit cock-blocked him too? He watched with frustration as Rachel hopped off the futon and jogged jokingly over to her now lonely friend. She held her arms out and two embraced in a mock hug. Rachel’s still damp boobs pushed hard into Rebecca’s almost equally as impressive chest. Both girls felt a slight tingle. Rachel pulled back and looked in her friend’s eyes with surprise. God, was she so drunk and turned on that even-? She shook her head.Still holding Rebecca with one arm, Rachel turned back to face the now totally confused boy on the futon. His face showed a mixture of frustration and curiosity as he watched the gorgeous pair look him over and take a few steps closer. He remembered how they had been seemingly flaunting themselves in front of him, almost as sort of a competition. His dick surged and his eyes shot wide as a thought crossed his mind. No way. Could he talk them into-? Would they-? Holy shit.Rachel was on fire after her make-out session and looked at her curious new friend with interest. She was drunk and riled up and she definitely wanted to hook up with this pretty boy in front of her. She was definitely going to suck his dick; she’d decided long ago. Maybe he’d even return the favor. Rachel never expected reciprocation, and honestly, she preferred giving to receiving. But she was pretty revved up here and she wouldn’t turn down a return gift for her efforts. And he was a college boy. He probably knew what he was doing. A tremor tickled through her body.But what was she going to do? Rebecca was now the third wheel and Rachel didn’t feel like waiting around for if and when this other roommate returned from his strange errand. She wanted it now. But, Becca…She turned to face her friend and saw that she was also eying the guy up like a dinner in Escorts Wembley. Her gaze was glassy and she knew Rebecca was as drunk as she was. Plus, she had been talking earlier in the day about how horny she had been and how she was definitely going to get some action tonight at this college party. Rebecca’s lustful stares and oozing sexuality gave Rachel another stir. She remembered the tiny spark she had felt when she pressed her half-naked chest into Rebecca’s. She wondered if Rebecca had felt the same thing…An idea popped into Rachel’s head and she swallowed hard. Her gaze lingered on Rebecca for a second, even scanning down her hot body before returning to the aroused boy in front of them. She spoke, her voice dripping with mock-innocence.”Well, there’s two of us now and only one of you. Now, you’re probably some super genius college math major or whatever so you’re going to have to tell us how this works because we just aren’t that smart.”With her words, she nervously slid her hand down off of Rebecca’s shoulder and let it glide down her back, before cupping it firmly on her friend’s curvy ass. What are you doing, Rachel? she breathed to herself nervously. Her heart started pounding and her chest began to heave.Rebecca felt the hand and was snapped from her lustful stares. She was completely buzzing both from the alcohol and arousal. She whipped her face around and met Rachel’s eyes. She swallowed hard as she, too, remembered feeling a gentle jolt when Rachel’s cool body had pressed into her own. She had seen Rachel naked plenty of times and while she’d never noticed any sexual thoughts towards other girls, she definitely admired what Rachel had. She found herself comparing her own body to Rachel’s and wondering if she did the same.

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Rebecca swallowed hard as she felt Rachel’s hand begin to rub over her ass gently. What was she doing? Was she-? She gulped hard and found her glance going to Rachel’s still glistening chest. It was quivering now with her fast breaths and she knew Rachel was excited. Rebecca felt a surge go through her own body as crazy thoughts flowed through her head.Was Rachel turning her on? And what was the plan here? Was she planning on- Escorts Wembley? She stirred again as she looked back to the boy in front of them. He had picked up on Rachel’s words and was now smiling brightly.Was Rachel trying to set up a threesome?”Oh, we can definitely make the math work here,” the boy replied coolly. “I’m glad you asked me, because we go over this kind of problem in college all the time. The first way to solve it is to take the two who are already together and, work that part out. I think maybe you girls should start trying to work on it together first, and then I’ll show you what’s next.”He leaned forward and gave them a warm smile. His heart was pounding hard. Shit…Rachel had already been thinking that way and she nervously brought her eyes to meet Rebecca’s. She knew her friend was no prude but she had no idea how she might react. It might freak her out and get weird. Rachel was even shocked she was considering it, and further, that she was into it.If she hadn’t been drunk and feeling so frisky, she probably would’ve recoiled at the idea herself. She had never kissed another girl, beyond simple drinking game dares or games kids play. To do it sexually was a whole different thing. Her heart was beating out of her chest and her skin was tingly all over. She licked her lips and shot a disarming smile to her friend.”Becca? Should we do what our, um, tutor suggests?”Rebecca was now fully aware of what was going on and she, too, was tingling all over. She looked at her beautiful friend, standing half naked next to her. Rachel’s face was both alive and nervous and Rebecca could tell she wasn’t the only one who had no idea what to do. Would they really do this? Would she like it? Would it be weird?She didn’t have the answers to those questions but she was surging with arousal. She wasn’t entirely sure if kissing Rachel was a good idea but the thought of them both kissing the hot guy on the couch made her head swim. Oh my God, she breathed. And she turned her body towards her friend.Rachel saw Rebecca open up and sucked in her breath with excitement. She was in! The idea of a threesome with this college boy was making the hair on her neck stand up. She almost laughed out loud as she thought of how both girls had competed to get with him. And now magically, they had been given a way to win that battle together. She exhaled deeply and brought her hand up from Rebecca’s ass and rested it on her hip. She brought her free hand her to her own face and brushed away a strand of hair in Escorts Wembley. She was going to do it.

Escorts Wembley

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