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Escorts West Brompton

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Escorts West Brompton

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He took a seat and still upset, but she had a very valid point; “I’m sorry Ainsley, I understand I fucked up, but doing this without consulting me first, well it’s a major blow to my ego!”She was disgusted now; “Well I’m sorry, I hurt your macho male ego. How the hell do you think I’ve been feeling for the past two months? You never touch me unless it’s to pour your worthless sperm into me. You get off and I lay there clawing at the sheet, completely frustrated and alone. Those two filled my needs on both issues and here is another blow to your ego Will. After the show tomorrow, we’re going across to the hotel and doing it again. I’m at the height of fertility yesterday, today and tomorrow and I’m going to insure they fill me up enough to make sure I’m pregnant. If you have a problem with that mister, there is the fucking door, don’t let it hit you on the way out!” She got up and hurried into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. She was so exhausted from the long morning and part of the afternoon fucking and sucking, she crawled up on the bed and fell fast asleep.A few hours later, Will slipped into the room and sat on the bed beside her and swept a sexy lock of hair from her face. It woke her up and she stared up at him with those gorgeous blue eyes and he melted. “Please forgive me Ainsley. I know I haven’t been the ideal husband lately. I just thought our lovemaking had become sort of clinical and I just wanted to get it done and over with.”She shook her head; “Yes that’s exactly what happened, but you forget when it’s done and over with, you had your orgasm and I’m lying there at night wide awake going insane from lack of sexual release. Those two provided me with the baby sperm and the human contact and yes orgasms, more orgasms than I can count. So I’m sorry for not consulting you first, but I saw the perfect offer and took it. Just to let you know, tomorrow was my idea, I don’t want to go another month baron, I want a baby and by god, I’m going to get one.”Escorts West Brompton“I understand and will not stand in your way. Can you tell me one thing though, after tomorrow, if the insemination is achieved, will you still want to have sex with them or will you come back to me?”She rose up on her one elbow; “That is all up to you Will. Will you perform your marital duties like you are supposed to or will you leave me lacking once again?””I promise to be like it was when we were first married. You’ll be crying out from the intense orgasms I’ll be giving you. Can we start tonight Ainsley?”She shook her head no; “Sorry, but no Will. I don’t want to throw salt into your wounds, but I came so many times today and I’m so full of sperm right now, I could float away. I think I’m going to need all of my energy for tomorrow, but I promise, Monday, I’m all yours from them on, as long as you hold up your end of the bargain. That isn’t a threat, but a promise, if you renege, I just may be filing for divorce. I can’t go back to the way it has been for the past two months.”

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He looked dejected, but he nodded; “I understand and please believe me when I say I’m going to make this right!” He planted a soft kiss on her forehead, rolled the comforter over her body and allowed her to go back to sleep.She woke up a few hours later, took a long soothing shower, if the sperm hadn’t done its work yet, is sure as hell won’t now. She couldn’t believe how much cum flowed out of her well-fucked pussy. Her asshole was tender from Peter’s excitement. She made a mental note to pack a bottle of lubrication, just in case he had ideas of trying that again tomorrow. She dried off and put on some flannel footy pajamas. She went out into the living room where Will had Chinese food laid out for her to eat. She did love Escorts West Brompton; she just loved sex and wanted to make sure she continued to have it like she expected it.They talked and he was contrite, he wasn’t happy about tomorrow, but conceded that it was her decision and if she held up her end of the bargain, he was okay with it and would do his best to keep his end of the bargain. He looked at the freshly washed body before him and he got a hard-on. He thought to himself; “How the fuck couldn’t I keep up my end of the bargain, just look how incredible she looks.”After an hour or so of TV, they went to bed, he was awake half the night thinking about her decision, but she fell asleep quickly, she had an early wake-up seeing she was on at 6 AM and had to be in make-up at five.She was up before dawn and looked over at Will, he finally fell asleep and she kissed him goodbye and slipping into some comfortable sweats, grabbed her purse, stuffed in a sexy pair of panties, bra and the lube and headed to the Fox News Headquarters. She knew exactly what she was going to wear. She would tease them both throughout the telecast. They would be so ready after the show; she knew her womb would be overflowing once again later today.The make-up artist began doing her hair as normal and she stopped her; “Betty, how about a little waves and curls. I want to look appealing today, not just pretty!”Betty smiled at her; “I know exactly what you’re looking for, you got it Ainsley. A little more eye make-up and blush too?””Escorts West Brompton“Once Betty was done, Ainsley looked in the mirror and her jaw dropped and she whispered; “God Betty I look hot, just wait till I put my dress on, I think you’ll like it.” She slid off the chair and went to dress, slipping into her tiny lace thong and lacy demi-bra, which only enhanced her already high standing breasts. She turned from side to side and spoke out loud; “Enjoy it now girl, once you get pregnant, these babies are going to grow and droop, well I’ll face that when it happens, I believe it will be worth it!” She slipped into her tiny, silky, pure white wrap-around dress. Fastening it at her side, she spun and watched the skirt float about her bare thighs. The bottom was covered in a sculptured lace fringe making her look a little innocent, but she felt anything but! Her high tits did their best to leap free from the parting material and she loved the look. She slipped her tiny feet into a pair of pure white strappy heels and lacing them, she turned from side to side; they made her slender legs look even more desirable. She couldn’t wait to see the guy’s reaction when they saw her. She couldn’t wait till the show was over. She could already feel her pussy getting moist. Maybe they’ll smell her scent and she could really turn them on.

Escorts West Brompton

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