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Escorts Westminster

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Escorts Westminster

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Trembling, almost to the point of shaking, Rachel leaned in and pushed her lips into Rebecca’s. Sparks shot through both of their bodies and Rebecca whimpered as they both felt the electricity of their first kiss.In Escorts Westminster Rachel pursed her lips slightly and again kissed into her friend. Then, with her heart surging, Rachel pressed in a third time and gently probed her tongue out of her mouth into Rebecca’s.She moaned gently as she felt Rebecca part her full, soft lips and receive her nervous tongue. Their tongues met and another jolt of electricity shook them both. Rebecca almost buckled her knees as she felt herself reach for Rachel’s head with her hands. She pulled Rachel’s face closer towards her and plunged her tongue back. A gasp come from the futon. They were making out.Joe (that happened to be the name of the lucky boy sitting on the futon) was staring straight ahead at the scene unfolding in front of him with eyes wide. He couldn’t speak. He watched the two girls make soft noises as they slowly got more and more into kissing each other. He shook his head in disbelief and chuckled at the amazing good fortune being bestowed upon him.It was lucky enough that he and his roommate had bumped into the stunning pair just a few days prior. Then they had somehow gotten them back to their room. Things had already begun to get hot and heavy when his roommate had mysteriously excused himself in what seemed like an annoyed panic. At first, Joe thought the turn of events had screwed him as the gorgeous girl who had been drunkenly going to town on him had pulled away to go rejoin her now-solo friend. But now? Holy fucking shit. He had them both to himself. And they were going at each other! He hoped he’d never see his roommate again!He panicked for a second as he struggled to remember which girl was named what. He knew it was Rachel and Rebecca but he wasn’t entirely confident in which was which if he was put on the spot. Rachel and Rebecca. Rebecca and Rachel. Escorts Westminster. He laughed to himself. It had been a long week. He could definitely use some R&R. He laughed again at his joke, almost out loud. Holy shit.A few feet away from him, things were heating up as the girls’ make-out session continued to intensify. They’d each started to become less and less self-conscious as the alcohol and arousal took fuller hold.Rachel had started to explore a bit with her hands and was now rubbing them along the sides of Rebecca’s body, playfully sliding up under her shirt and down around her jeans. Rebecca, for her part, was cautiously running her hands over Rachel’s shoulders and down close to her chest. She felt like a nervous, teenage boy who was unsure of what to do with their hands.With Rachel’s shirt off, there was an obvious target but Rebecca still felt a little weird. Was she going to put her hands on her friend’s boobs? It was exciting, but strange. But at the same time, she caught herself wanting to see more of Rachel’s body. The fact that she was already partially naked was making the whole thing seem even sexier. And while Rebecca didn’t quite understand why, she could feel that she definitely wanted more.Joe watched the girls’ hands getting bolder with each other’s bodies and decided to keep the pedal down. He hadn’t gotten where he was by being shy so it certainly wasn’t time to clench up and go conservative. He leaned over to grab his cup and took a full chug, emptying what was left. He sat back and exhaled and put his hands together. Here we go, he thought.”All right girls,” he called out cheerfully, slightly interrupting their reverie. “It looks like you are making some progress with this equation. But we should keep it going. You don’t want to spend too long on any one, area, or you’ll never finish.” He licked his lips. “Why don’t we get you both a little more comfortable so we can go over the next part with ease?”The girls looked over at him with curiosity and Rachel raised a playful, sexy eyebrow. Joe sensed they were awaiting their next order so he kept it moving. With a leap of faith, hoping he didn’t screw up and fuck their names up, he looked directly at the shirtless girl and sucked in his breath.

Escorts Westminster will be your guide and your consolation.

Rebecca swallowed hard but smiled back brightly. She shot Joe a quick nervous glance before returning her gaze to her beautiful friend. Keeping their eyes locked, she took a half step back and crossed her arms down in front of her body. With a bit more speed than she had intended, she pulled her bright pink shirt over her head.She shook her flowing dark hair out and glanced around as her head swam. She felt another tingle as she noticed both Rachel and Joe staring at her lustfully. She gave a sexy smirk and tossed her shirt at Joe’s face. He playfully caught it, smelling it briefly, before setting it aside. God, she was gorgeous.Rachel’s half-naked chest had gotten most of the attention to his point, but Rebecca was no slouch either in that department. Had she been standing next to almost any other girl, she would be the stunner in the room.Her face had sharp, beautiful features and her deep green eyes flashed strongly against her lightly tanned skin and silky brown hair. Her boobs, while not as large as her friend’s, were nothing to scoff at. They were perky and full and her bra helped form an intoxicating view of cleavage pushed high up near her sternum.Her soft, full chest tapered into a thin, toned waist before curving back out impossibly as an incredibly sexy set of round hips snaked down towards her thighs. She had strong, toned legs that ran down smoothly towards her ankles and small feet. A flower tattoo was partially visible on the top of her foot, poking from the cuff of her jeans. She also had a shimmering belly button jewel and a tiny, sparkling stud in her nose. She was the full package and would have stood out from any crowd. Joe felt his jeans tighten further as he soaked in his now more extensive view of her body. His eyes darted between the pair of shirtless goddesses in front of him. Escorts Westminster. He cleared his throat and spoke.”Yes, that’s, um, exactly wha-.” He cleared his throat again. He was trying to sound cool and in control but it was obvious that Rebecca’s body had thrown him for a loop.”That is exactly the right answer. You are both now on the same page, but it looks like you are only halfway there.” He swallowed hard, afraid to move.The girls again looked back at each other nervously and shot each other sheepish smiles. Rachel had been taking in Rebecca’s body and was beginning to feel warmer and warmer. She was definitely surprised at her arousal but figured it had to be more about the prospect of a threesome with a hot college boy than it did with just her beautiful friend. But the whole thing was turning her on in a really confusing way. She swallowed hard and stepped closer to Rebecca. Tossing her hair with her head, she reached her hands out and grabbed ahold of the front waistline of her friend’s jeans.Rebecca sucked in her breath and flashed her eyes at Rachel. She reached out to grab ahold of Rachel’s pants in the same spot. As she looked down at the button at Rachel’s waist, she found her gaze lingering over Rachel’s deep cleavage. She felt herself tremble as she again pictured Rachel naked in the variety of situations she had seen her in previously. She wondered how far this would go and if she’d actually be seeing her like that. And beyond seeing, would she maybe even be touching? She gulped and dropped her gaze back to her hands on Rachel’s waist as he started to twist the denim fabric with her fingers.The heavy sexual tension of the moment hung for a second before both girls broke it with a deep, nervous giggle. With a pair of flushed grins, they began to work their hands over each other’s jean buttons. Obviously, neither of them were strangers to undoing someone else’s pants. Rachel grinned to herself as she realized she was usually kneeling at this point with a much better view and angle. Rebecca had a similar thought and she struggled momentarily as the button orientation seemed backwards. She smirked and caught herself. Oh yeah. Girls’ pants. She sucked in an excited breath. What were they doing?Joe coughed involuntarily as he watched both girls continue to undress each other. Rachel had unzipped Rebecca’s seemingly painted on jeans and Joe gulped as he watched her struggle to pull them down and around her friend’s full, incredibly curvy ass.Rebecca was wearing a matching nude set of underwear and the color blended with her skin-tone very well. She shivered as Rachel slid the denim down her legs and helped her to step out of each cuff carefully. The girls had been trying to remove each other’s pants simultaneously but it proved to be impossible without them both losing their balance. So with her own pants unbuttoned and zipped down openly, Rachel was now kneeling in front of Rebecca as she finished the job.

Escorts Westminster

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