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Escorts Whitechapel

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Escorts Whitechapel

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We are hiking up Cherry Creek Falls. It’s dark, and there are no lights except the Escorts Whitechapel, the stars, and our flashlights. We reach the Falls, not worn out, but pleasantly tired. As I lay out the star-watching blanket, I comment that it’s really too bad we didn’t bring swimwear. You smirk, and agree, an impish light kindling in your eyes. We lie down together on the blanket, gazing up at the sea of lights together. I start to steal glances at you when I think you aren’t looking, and get the feeling you are doing the same. I grin mischievously and mutter to you that swimwear isn’t REALLY necessary. You leap to your feet, feigned outrage in your features. Rising to my knees swiftly, I snatch your hand before you can get away, and turn it palm up. Staring into your eyes, I smile and kiss your wrist at the pulse, gently flickering my tongue to set your nerves crackling with electricity. I pull, gently but firmly, and we lie back together on the blanket.
I slowly roll on top of you, pressing your gently protesting body to the ground. My hand clutches your wrist, digging my fingertips in and bringing my nails to bear. I scratch my way up your arm, not hard enough to leave obvious marks, but only just. My other hand is tracing up your side, over your ribs, and to the hollow under your throat. I press gently for a bare moment, then continue up the curve of your neck. After nuzzling into your breasts and nipping them through your clothing, my mouth follows.Clawing gently upwards, my fingers have journeyed up your arm by now, and I push my palm into your chest, just below your collarbone. Holding you down, allowing me to explore your body at my leisure.I am rock-hard for you now, my vision shaking from need, and I begin to twist my hips against yours, gradually rocking your thighs open for better access. You squeeze them against me, but my ministrations to your collarbone and excessively clothed upper body are persuasive. I grind into you, bringing a faint moan from deep within you.Smiling, I move my palm, sliding it up behind your head, and pinning you with my forearm instead. I scratch at your scalp and hairline, gathering your hair in my hand as I do so.I am pinning you by your hair, your chest, and your pelvis now, and as you try to move, you can feel my form against yours, heavy and secure on top of you.

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You lean upwards, out of breath, tearing at the clasps to get the restricting fabric out of the way. It flies off into the bushes as you fling it away with a small snarl. I waste no time on growling this time. My blood is boiling with desire for your body, and at this point I’m kissing you so fast and intensely you would think you were being attacked instead of merely enjoyed. I rake my fingers over your sides, down onto the curves of your hips.I start winding my fingers into the belt loops and waistband of your pants, working my way to the fasteners holding them on.I start rubbing the heels of my hands into your delta, as I work my mouth down your delicious, gleaming contours, stopping to swirl my tongue and play my teeth against your nipples and breasts. I let out a groan of barely controlled desire, and my hands alternate grinding the heels into your groin and pulling at your still fastened waistband. Eyes huge with lust, I look up into your face and start licking and kissing my way down to your pants from your navel.As I reach your hips, I do not stop or break pace, but I do break eye contact. At the same time, I slide down, resting with my torso and neck between your legs. My arms reach around your legs as I kiss your inner thighs, pressing my mouth into your pants and exhaling to make you moan and writhe more.Your writhing makes me suddenly reach up, with your legs on my shoulders still, and take your breast in my hand. Squeezing firmly, Escorts Whitechapel.I wrap my other arm around your waist, holding you in place snugly as I continue teasing you.I stop, suddenly, eyes blazing as my hand exploring the rest of you blurs to better use. I unfasten your pants, lift your hips by the waistband, and pull them free fast enough that our heads are spinning. As I settle back into place, your smoldering eyes catch mine, lips moving without forming words. I lick and kiss my way from the top of your legs into the warmer center, only to discover that you have no underwear to get in my way. I begin at the crease of pelvis and leg, sucking lightly, kissing, then licking in an outward pattern. I keep this up, working my way around your sensitive nether region, being careful to only graze your vagina with the barest of touches.As I continue to tantalize your naked body, your hands are above your head, fingers clutching the blanket in a white-knuckle grip. Mine, though, are occupied by raking down and back up one side, to press you down, then start again as the other holds your lower half in place for me. I work in closer to your sensitive areas, glorying in keeping you waiting for so long, and decide I have one thing more to do in Escorts Whitechapel.

Escorts Whitechapel

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