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Harrow Escorts

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Harrow Escorts

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As Salam Alaikum, people. My name is Ibrahim Hossein, and I’m a Saudi Arabian Muslim businessman living in the City of Toronto, Ontario. I studied business administration at the University of Toronto and work as a real estate agent nowadays. I moved to Canada with my wife Afaf about five years ago from our hometown of Dammam, in the eastern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. These days, Afaf and I are divorced and I am not allowed within five hundred meters of her. Things weren’t always that way between us, though. Once, Afaf was my definition of paradise.A lot of people think that just because we’re from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we’re super conservative. That is totally not true. Look, there is much more to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia than what the Western media tells you. Everyone knows that we’re kind of a gender-segregated society, and our women aren’t allowed to drive, and we’re a monarchy governed by our strict interpretation of Sharia Law. Give me a break, man. We are people like everyone else. We have our fun, just like you do. We’re just super discrete about it out of necessity.My wife Afaf Kader and I were really freaky from the get go and we liked to experiment, folks. A lot of people look at my wife Afaf as we walk about together. Afaf stands five feet ten inches tall, curvy and sexy, with dark bronze skin and long black hair that she always tucks away under her Hijab. Even in a liberal country like Harrow Escorts, my sweet Afaf doesn’t go outside without her Hijab. I love that about her.Afaf was born in the region of Dammam to a Saudi Arabian Muslim father and an Indian Muslim mother, which makes her mixed-race. I met Afaf, fell in love with her and married her. We came from somewhat different backgrounds but something about this tall beauty with the bold eyes and fearless demeanor appealed to me. When a man meets the right woman, he simply knows. I’ve always known that Afaf was the right lady for me. In the City of Toronto, we lead a life like no other.

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Afaf and I are into swinging, and my darling wife loves watching me fuck other women. I fucked this blonde-haired white female escort named Melanie at our townhouse in the Toronto suburb of Brampton a few months ago. Like a lot of Saudi Arabian Muslim men, I find blonde-haired white women from Europe and North America simply fascinating. We don’t have any women that look like that in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I bent Melanie over, spanked her creamy white ass and pulled her long blonde hair as I thrust my thick brown dick into her pussy.While I fucked Melanie, the blonde-haired white slut ate my wife Afaf’s sweet pussy. Is there anything hotter than woman to woman action? Afaf moaned softly as Melanie pleasured her. Is my wife Afaf awesome or what? A lot of Saudi men I know in town tell me about their wives and how boring and conservative they are. My wife Afaf is super freaky and totally down with whatever I like. When a man is fortunate enough to have a wife like that, he should definitely count his blessings. Afaf and I fucked the hell out of Melanie, before dismissing her and paying her for her time.Afaf recently told me about one of her most forbidden fantasies, and I must say that I was both turned on and taken aback by it. A lot of women the world over are fascinated by black guys, and Saudi Arabian Muslim women are definitely no exception. Harrow Escorts. I didn’t want my precious Saudi wife to get fucked by a black guy. The last thing I wanted was for Afaf to try a black guy and get addicted to his dick, and then leave me for him. Thanks but no thanks, folks

Harrow Escorts

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