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Havering Escorts

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Havering Escorts

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Unbeknownst to Afaf is the fact that I am having an affair with a young woman named Joanna Thompson. The lovely Miss Joanna is a tall, busty and big-bottomed, gorgeously dark-skinned Jamaican chick who works as an assistant at the real estate agency that I manage. The thought of a black man getting his hands on my precious Saudi Arabian Muslim wife Afaf makes my blood boil, yet I absolutely cannot resist a black woman’s charms.Joanna Thompson sucks dick like a pro, and I love to bend her over my desk and fuck her whenever there’s nobody else around. Black pussy simply rocks, folks, and I am not the only Arab man who thinks so. As much as I enjoy Joanna, I am going to have to cut her loose. The Jamaican chick is starting to get big ideas, man. Joanna wants me to leave my wife Afaf, and marry her instead. If I were in Saudi Arabia, I could have them both but in Canada, where gays and lesbians can marry, a heterosexual man is only allowed one wife. Oh irony of ironies!Joanna Thompson is getting annoying, and I slapped her a couple of times, and she went and called the cops on me. Havering Escorts, one of the cops who responded was a Turkish guy and he didn’t arrest me. I fired Joanna the next day. All is well that ends well. Or so I thought. Little did I know that Joanna called Afaf and told her about our little affair, and thus my picture perfect world began to unravel before my very eyes. I swear, whatever their color or religion, women are like the Djinn!I went home after a long day, and when I got there, someone knocked me out. When I woke up, I was tied up to a chair in my own bedroom. Standing before me was my darling wife Afaf, eyeing me coldly. My heart skipped a beat when I realized that Afaf wasn’t alone. There was a big and tall black guy standing next to her. I heard Afaf call him Steve, and the brother smirked while my wife berated me, and told me she knew about Joanna and I. Stunned, I fell silent.

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I watched, amazed, as Afaf kissed Steve, and then the two of them began caressing and getting freaky right in front of me. I couldn’t believe this. My Saudi Arabian Muslim wife Afaf was cuckolding me with her friend Steve, a black guy! Steve and Afaf undressed, and then they began making love. I watched as Afaf knelt before Steve and took his big black dick into her mouth, and she sucked him with much more enthusiasm than she ever sucked my dick. Granted, Steve’s dick was much bigger than mine but dammit, I’m Afaf’s legally wedded husband!Steve picked up Afaf in his strong and manly arms and laid her on our bed, then he buried his face between her thighs. Afaf moaned as Steve licked her pussy and fingered her. Angry and helpless, I could only watch as the black man made my wife cum. Next, Steve put Afaf on all fours and spanked her big bronzed booty before thrusting his big black dick into her pussy. Steve fucked her hard and Afaf screamed his name, and it proved to be too much for me and I closed my eyes, filled with shame.After Afaf finished getting fucked by Steve, she told me she was divorcing me. Afaf and Steve got dressed and left me there. When the maid came in the next morning, she freed me. I thought about pressing charges but I didn’t. Havering Escorts. I cannot have people find out that my Saudi wife cuckolded me with a black man. In my culture, image is everything for a man. Afaf asked for a divorce and got it without any protest from me. I will never get married again. Women are treacherous snakes. Cheat on them once and they lose it. May Afaf and Steve burn in everlasting hellfire!

Havering Escorts

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