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Sutton Escorts

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Sutton Escorts

Sutton is in the London Borough of Sutton in Sutton Escorts.

Dragged and pushed into a single file line I complied. Trying to keep up with the brisk pace I looked around me. I tried to focus on details and where I was. It was hard to concentrate though due to unsettling feel of my bare feet on the concrete and the constant pushing behind me. It all looked the same. The same grey concrete everywhere. No pipes, no vents, no doors. Just intersecting corridors that looked the same. Nothing that could give me a sense of direction. That is until we reached a doorway with a few hazard signs that I was going too fast to read.In through the doorway we went. I was immediately thrown into the room, hitting the wall.It was a large shower area. A few benches here and there, but mostly white tile. There was a door on the other side of the room and another in the back. What confused me was the lack of shower heads. And then I saw it.One of the men from the group of guards stepped forward and unhooked a hose sitting on the wall and rotated a valve by his feet.It sprayed a thick, heavy, loud, and intense stream of water. My eyes widened, and I turned my head.He pointed the nozzle at me and the water hit me. It was so powerful it shot the loosely tied gown right off me. The water, while warm, racked me. I almost fell to the ground. Sutton Escorts, I could feel the stream continuously push against me. It felt like millions of tiny, tiny pebbles pummeling my naked body. Hitting my chest then down my thighs, the water hitting my groin felt like a constant bashing. I was gonna be sick. Then it went to my face. I started chocking on it. The water died down quickly, but it took its toll. I looked down and saw the red marks all over my body. A few bruises. I just felt weak and feeble. Trembling, naked in front of these men, I looked up. Two sights caught my eye.

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Momentarily captivated, I was interrupted by the approaching guard finally. He pushed me down and started scrubbing. As the harsh prickly brush scrubbed away furiously all over my body I gritted my teeth. When his brush ran over my cock and balls it elicited a surprisingly shocked but somehow aroused emotion from me. After a few seconds of painful scrubbing he went on and I felt the brush scrub my ass. After what seemed to be an eternity he was done running the brush over my exposed and spread asshole. He let go and got up. I felt sore all over. My tiredness however did not stop me from looking over at the redheaded girl.She must have been getting the same treatment as me. There I saw her sitting on the floor as a man scrubbed her with a fervor similar to my experience. Naked from the intense shower the hose gave, I looked over her body. A man was scrubbing her down, just like I was. Her entire body had that same pale fair skin tone all over. Her most likely size B cupped breasts had small pointy pink nipples. Sutton Escorts. A light amount of dark red pubic hair was right above it. She had what can only be described as a peach pussy. Her lips but puffy small. You could see her clit peeking out. As I stared in awe I saw the brush travel down south and saw how he cleaned her. The man dug the bristles into her cunt and scrubbed up and down. Furiously grinding it into her. Then like that, he stopped and got up.Both dripping wet, naked, shaking on the slick tile floor we looked at each other for a moment before looking back at the men. We saw them approach us, and we both instinctually crawled back before getting up. They stopped, and one of them pointed at as.”Get going.” The anonymous man said in a deep growling voice.We looked behind ourselves to another small concrete corridor leading directly to another room. The room ahead looked bright and well lit. We slowly treaded to the room ahead of us through the corridor, shivering from the cool air on our naked and wet bodies. The concrete floor felt dead and cold on our bare feet, and didn’t help. Pushing past transparent plastic flaps we walked into the room.The room was white and without angles, like the one I was kept in before. Two men in scrubs and stereotypical medical getup stood there. The motioned for us to sit down. We walked forward to the only things in the room, two small benches. The men stepped forward, opening their fists to reveal pills for both of us. I looked over to my right, from whence we came, and saw the familiar guards staring us down in the hallway. Faced with little else to do, or at least how I saw at the moment, I took the pill and swallowed it.

Sutton Escorts

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