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Waltham Forest Escorts

Waltham Forest Escorts has been designated one of five London boroughs which will be host boroughs for the 2012 Summer Olympics and a great deal of planning is taking place to transform East London in preparation of this exciting event. If you are lucky enough to be going to the games then why not book one of the Waltham Forest escorts who can keep you entertained in the evening?If you or the Waltham Forest escorts enjoy a bit of retail therapy then there are plenty of shops. The main shopping area is The Mall, which is situated in the heart of Waltham Forest, this is an ideal place for all your shopping needs.

Waltham Forest Escorts

This would make a fabulous destination for a meeting with one of the beautiful and charming Waltham Forest escorts.

A single door in the middle of the room, opposite from where we came in, opened by itself. The men stepped back. After a few seconds of hesitation we were spurred into the doorway after hearing some foreboding knuckle cracking by way of the guards crowded in the hallway, still watching. The door immediately shut behind us as we stepped into an identical white rounded room with no other entrances or exits.We stood there breathing heavily, and took this moment to try and take stock of ourselves. Even in this situation I couldn’t help myself from eyeing over the redheaded girl. When she noticed me staring I darted my eyes. I felt a light embarrassment from being caught, only for a moment. I then realized she was looking at me as well. My embarrassment only felt heavier as I saw her take note of myself south of the border. Strangely, even though I could feel the blood rushing to my face, I could also feel it rushing downwards. I was getting hard right in front of her.Before I had time to contemplate my own pathetic shyness the same voice from the intercom returned.”You have been given instructions. Begin.”I REALLY should have listened to him.The mysterious redheaded girl shuffled towards me awkwardly. She looked down and rubbed arm as she said,”So um… do you want me to go first orrr…” She trailed off quietly. Her voice was light and feminine. Extraordinarily so.I responded without thinking.”Do what?”Waltham Forest Escorts“You know… I-“, She stopped herself. “Let’s just get it over with.”She took a few steps forward, gently pushing me down against the wall as she did so. I was on my ass, back leaning against the wall. She went down on her knees and got lower, almost on her stomach. She was looking up at me now with wide eyes. Hesitantly, with a look of grief, she took my cock in her hand.

If you or the Waltham Forest escorts enjoy a bit of retail therapy then there are plenty of shops.

Disgusted or annoyed, I couldn’t tell, she put her lips over my head. Her lips were dry but her mouth was plenty wet. She started to bob her head down head up and down ever so slightly. Her tongue barely kept making contact with the sensitive tip of my cock. She had a little more than the head in her mouth. I could actually feel her sucking. Her hand was stayed still, holding my cock in the exact same place. Although still pleasant, this was the worst blowjob I have ever had in my life. I didn’t have the heart to tell her though, with that look of torture on her face. You could see she was forced to do this.Slowly though it got better. Her tongue kept poking the head of my cock. The way her soft tongue touched and teased the sensitive underside of my head started to drive me wild. Without realizing it her tongue kept touching opening the slit at the top of my dick. I tilted my head back let out a groan.Eventually, as her jaw got tired and started to move it around to relieve the pressure, she let her tongue travel more. As her tongue brushed the underside of my cock and swirled around my entire head I let out a mind numbing moan. I thrusted forward and felt her tongue travel alongside my shaft. The back of her warm fleshy soft wet mouth rubbing against my head. I couldn’t hold it back.”Waltham Forest Escorts” Was all I could sputter.It wasn’t warning enough though as I shot my warm cum into her mouth. She instantly started to gag and pulled back. My cock kept shooting spurt after spurt of hot sticky seed, most of it hitting her. A shot hit her above her chest, the other across the cheek, and a final one landing in her dark red hair.She coughed and gave a sharp breath looking at the ground and then herself. Although slightly annoyed, she looked mostly of relief. Like she just finished a long chore. We both panted for a moment and looked at each other. After looking me in the eye like a hurt puppy she leaned back. She crawled backwards until she was up against the wall facing me. She stretched her arms out.

Waltham Forest Escorts

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